Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Opening Day at Rudy's


Well you wouldn't know it by the ice still on the lake or recent temperatures, but it is Spring. Oswego's official sign of Spring is the opening of Rudy's. A few weeks ago you could barely see the building behind the snow banks, but with some payloader work the parking lots are cleared. Not crowded 3 deep as it would be during a warmer opening day, it is still great to stop in for a fish sandwich.

Opening Day

Opening Day
More photos at the Oswego page at LakeshoreImages.

Not much else happening here in Oswego.  The last of the snow will be melted off the roof by morning, although there is still plenty on the ground.  I'm doing some work on the trailer getting it ready for a trip to the Townsend KOA in Townsend, TN in early April for a fiberglass trailer rally.

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