Monday, August 25, 2014

Off to Oceanside

Dinner at Olive Oils
Well, I'm back on the road, unfortunately, without the trailer.  It is sitting in the driveway in pieces (not the trailer, but much of the insides) - I'm doing some wiring projects that I discovered needed doing while on the last trip.  As I mentioned in previous posts, Karin, Brian, Valerie & Zoe are back in the US on a "HomeStay" from Botswana for the month of August.  So, I drove down to Oceanside, Long Island to Brian's parents house for a couple of days.  316 miles, but without the trailer it was much faster than normal.

By the way, don't attempt to make a route without tolls to Long Island from Oswego.  I wondered why the GPS took forever to do a route to their house, found it was 650 miles & 13 hours!  I had set the GPS for no toll roads to avoid the NY Thruway for the trip home from Letchworth State Park & forget to reset it.

The drive down was OK, although far too much traffic for me.  Of course I took some photos:
Valerie & Zoe
Valerie & Zoe
After settling in, Bert & Pam took us to Olive Oils for dinner.  Right now the kids are asleep & everyone else is settling in watching a Yankee game on TV.

More tomorrow.

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