Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ, Day 7

Tortilla Flat

Sunday, December 8, 2013, Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ, Day 7 - 0 miles, 4,619.4 For the Trip

Another day with no trailer mileage, although I did some driving with the RAV4. After breakfast I drove to Apache Junction for some supplies. After filling the refrigerator & freezer it was off the Tortilla Flat. It is about 12 miles from the campground on the same road (AZ 88). A long 12 miles; most of the drive has a 25 MPH speed limit, and lots of twists & turns. The town isn't quite what I expected - just 3-4 gift shops & a Saloon that serves meals. Still, a nice drive & an interesting stop.

After returning, I decided to visit the Superstition Mountain Museum, a couple of miles from the campground. Not a huge place, but some interesting information & displays about the area. Since I never found the Lost Dutchman goldmine, I should have stopped here first. They have a bunch of maps on a display. Of course, since each one is different, somehow I don't think they would have helped!

The church outside the museum includes the steeple from the movie location on the other side of the mountain. The sets burned down, but the steeple was saved. There is quite a bit of information about the sets, actors, directors, etc that used the location.  More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

After the museum it was back to the trailer & off to the bathroom for a shower. Even though it was the warmest part of the day at around 58°F, it sure was cold in the shower. The water was hot enough, but as soon as you turned it off you broke records getting dry! Dinner was pretty simple - a couple of hot dogs & the remaining broccoli. I tried Hebrew National hot dogs - OK, but nothing beats the Hoffman hot dogs that only seem to be available in the upstate NY area around Syracuse. I hooked up the trailer since I will be leaving in the morning. I could wait until morning, but it is going to be cold, so I did what I could tonight. I even disconnected the water line since the morning temperatures are going to be close to freezing.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your time at The Lost Dutchman State of my favorite places to stay...especially with the surrounding area to hike and explore...where to now? Travels my Friend...Horst sends

  2. Off to Buckskin Mountain State Park near Parker, AZ for the next 2 weeks.