Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gulf State Park, AL

Another Escape (and a Casita)
Sunday, November 3, 2013, Gulf State Park, AL - 189.7 miles, 2,545.4 For the Trip

A quiet day with few photos - just a campsite and one of the first Escape Trailer I've seen on the trip. I spent most of the day on US 98, a mix of 2 & 4 lanes, much through fairly large & busy seaside resort towns. I'm in site 66 here at Gulf State Park - full hookups for $29.25 for the night. As I noted, there is an Escape 19 a few sites up from me, along with a Casita parked next to it. The owners stopped by to say hello.

Since there isn't all that much to write about today, I'll tell you all about my other insect encounter at Shellmound (at least I'm fairly sure that is where I "picked up" the bugs. Woke up Friday morning with about 50 red bites around my ankles, all at sock level. So, having no idea what was eating me, I did a Goggle search - key words red bites, ankles, socks. Well, up comes Chigger bites. I'd heard of them, but somehow had this idea that they were some kind of burrowing insect that got under your skin and eventually chewed their way out, somewhat like a miniature version of the Alien movie. Come to find that they are small enough to be invisible, hide in your hair follicles, and make soup from your skin cells. While I have had other bites that itch far more, the number of them makes up for it. By today, they seem to be going away, but I'll use DEET on my socks, and pant legs the next time I go walking in the damp grass.

That is about it for today. Dinner will be spaghetti and meatballs.

Till Tomorrow -

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