Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grimes Glen, Naples, NY

Grimes Glen, Naples, NY

Tuesday, September 11 - Letchworth State Park, NY - 143.3 Miles Today, 15,776.1 For the Trip

Another cool morning, but warm as toast inside. Speaking of toast, I dug out the toaster oven from under the bed & set it up on the picnic table outside. I figured since I had to set it up I might as well do it outdoors rather than take down the smoke alarm and hid it under a pillow since it goes off at the slightest hint of any indoor cooking (even boiling water!) Probably looked a little funny with the huge toaster oven plugged into the trailer & sitting on the picnic table, but since the campground was almost empty, who's going to notice?

After a pretty good bagel (from Wegmans) I drove to Naples, NY. My grandparents lived in Naples during the 50's & 60's. I went looking for their house; it was a little easier to find since I had been given directions from the local historic society last fall (well, the directions weren't to the house, just to the IGA that used to be across the street - it is now a chocolate factory.

I also wanted to hike up Grimes Glen. It has been 50 years since the last time I hiked it - very little has changed. A lot less water in the stream, but still a pretty hike. While there is a path along side the stream, it switches sides often; you need to find places to cross when the path on your side ends. When we were kids we just walked up the middle of the stream; it was a bit cold to do that today. There are two waterfalls in the easy part of the hike; to get to the next two you need to rope climb up the side of the second waterfall. I didn't. More photos at today's LakeshoreImages Page.

After that I stopped at a fruit & vegetable stand for a piece of grape pie. Unfortunately, they don't sell pie by the piece & I'd never eat a whole one (although they are good enough that I could). I did get a grape crunch, like the pie so sweet it makes your teeth ache! Naples is the Grape Pie Capital of the world & has a Grape Festival every September.

I wanted to check out another waterfall hike I've done in the past, the Parish Glen / Conklin Gully hike that has 12 waterfalls. The only problem - no water. I guess it will have to be another trip.

After driving back to the campground I relaxed for the afternoon, met my new neighbors for the rest of the week, and thought about dinner. It will be corn on the cob, and something - haven't decided what else yet.

Until Tomorrow -

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